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      This is designed to help you focus in two ways... narrowing down your list into just a few things and having a flexible timer to track your time. This page will *usually* store your tasks without losing them - BUT please don't rely on this to remember your full to-do master list. You should be pulling from your master to create a quick focus list for this session.

      Choose the Right Path for You!

      The Academy is designed to meet you where you are now and help you get where you want to go.

      Not sure if being an entrepreneur is right for you or if you have what it takes to make it big? This tier is perfect for you! We'll cover all the basics you need to get your dream off the ground.

      If you want to get the basics down and grow your business, this is where you belong. We'll dive into how to attract more customers, make more money, and see your hard work pay off.

      This tier is for those who are already running a successful business and looking to scale big time. We'll teach you advanced strategies to build and grow your team and your empire.

      On a Mission to Revolutize the Entrepreneurial Experience

      We're here to change the game for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. It's about understanding deeply, unlocking potential, and building businesses that aren't just successful but fulfilling.

      Together, we're creating a space where differences are strengths, where every challenge is a chance to innovate, and where everyone gets to live their best life through the journey of entrepreneurship.

      This is a safe space. We support people being awesome people, no matter their race, creed, gender, sex, country, religion, or choice in TV shows. The only people that aren't welcome here are the a-holes that don't agree with that.

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