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Empowering Ambitious AF Entrepreneurs Through 5 Levels of Success

We're giving you everything you need to achieve $80k+ months (and more) within 12 to 18 months... while having the freedom to live your life and be happy.

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Are you an entrepreneur with untapped potential — sitting on the sidelines while others achieve the success you're longing for?

Imagine if you could become an in-demand, impactful expert... with your expertise sought after, contributing significantly to your field, and influencing others.

We understand the journey may seem overwhelming and the path unclear. It's daunting, and you might not know where to start.

That's where we come in...

We've create a monthly membership program designed to guide you... step-by-step through the journey of growth and success.

In our program, you'll meet like-minded entrepreneurs, gain valuable insights from our coaches and guest speakers, and have us by your side every step of the way.

You'll be given tools like software, courses, templates, resources, and exclusive access to our metaverse-style campus to tackle your unique challenges.

Transforming into a recognized, in-demand, and impactful expert may seem like a steep climb, but with our guidance and your determination, you'll overcome these trials. By sticking with us, you'll witness growth in your reputation, gain increased control of your success, and achieve your goals in a sustainable, scalable manner.

As your recognition and demand increase, you might feel a pull to the comfort of your old ways... but remember, we'll be here to help you navigate these changes, overcome final hurdles, and firmly establish your new status.

The journey is challenging, but the rewards are immense.

In your first 30 days, we'll teach you...

How to Leverage Leadership...

as a shortcut to success on your terms.

  • BLUEprint Pillar: Position Yourself as a Leader so you can have your choice of dream clients

  • PLAYbook Pillar: Nurture a Leadership Mindset so you can stop sabotaging your own success

How to Get More Focused...

as a shortcut to success on your terms.

  • BLUEprint Pillar: Focus on Helping One Customer on One Journey so you can focus and stop chasing shiny objects

  • PLAYbook Pillar: Unlock Intuition with Mindful Magic so you can finally silence your inner critic

How to Deliver Better Results...

as a shortcut to success on your terms.

  • BLUEprint Pillar: Stack & Productize Your Services so you can work less, and be able to make more

  • PLAYbook Pillar: Unlock Productivity by Hack Your Time so you can be more productive on the daily

How to Get Clients Without Burnout...

as a shortcut to success on your terms.

  • BLUEprint Pillar: Build a Client Acquisition Plan so you can get new clients on a regular basis

  • PLAYbook Pillar: Create Sustainable Self-Care Systems so you can stop the burnout roller coaster

How to Create Real Transformation...

as a shortcut to success on your terms.

  • BLUEprint Pillar: Create a Client Success Plan so you can deliver what you promised to your clients

  • PLAYbook Pillar: Regulate Your Nervous System so you can stop being stressed all the time

How to Generate and Accept Abundance...

as a shortcut to success on your terms.

  • BLUEprint Pillar: Install a Company Operating System so you can start hiring staff and help you

  • PLAYbook Pillar: Adopt a Postive Money Mindset so you can charge what you're worth

How to Prepare for Your Future...

as a shortcut to success on your terms.

  • BLUEprint Pillar: Create an Exit Plan for Yourself so you can avoid overworking and overpromising your time

  • PLAYbook Pillar: Optimize Your Environment and Life so you can have freedom to choose how you spend your time

Enjoy Your Free Time Finally

Celebrate Your Financial Freedom

Enjoy Your Creative Freedom

Create New Lifestyle Freedom

We believe you should have the freedom to live your life on your terms.

Let us help you build a business that not only achieves remarkable success but also aligns with your personal growth and fulfillment. Forget overwhelm and burnout – let's keep that spark of joy alive throughout this thrilling adventure. ✨

Whether you're a Hidden Expert looking to step into the spotlight or an Impact Expert seeking new levels of influence, let's connect!

Leave the formalities at the door, join The Academy, and start working on bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to life at every stage of your journey.

You're on an AHH-mazing Journey, and we're here to help you level up faster, easier, and with a higher level of success...

Phase 1 Membership


Hiden Expert: Unleash your potential, establish your niche, and gain visibility.

Phase 2 Membership


Rising Expert: Build a strong reputation, attract ideal clients, and stand out from the crowd.

Recognized Expert: Establish authority, expand your influence, and be a trusted thought leader.

Phase 3 Membership


In-Demand Expert: Attract high-value clients, choose exciting projects, and scale your business.

Impact Expert: Make significant contributions, inspire others, and enjoy success on your terms.

My mind is very blown in the best of ways...

... after our meeting today! To say our meeting was helpful is a woeful understatement. I can visualize how all the pieces come together in a cohesive business model that feeds my creative drive and utilizes the unique skill sets that I have. I can also see how the pricing structure needs to work to sustainably provide the lifestyle I’m working toward without burning me out. I went from having all the pieces and no plan, to having a whole blueprint in an afternoon! I am in awe of how your brain works!

Being able to be surrounded by people who get neurospicy is a true gift.

I have co-worked on my course homework with fellow students and was able to collaborate as myself in a space that’s all about learning and growing in a way that works for my brain.


Investing in Something New Can Be Intimidating... Let Us Ease Your Mind

What exactly is The Neuro-Spicy Academy?

It's a place for you to get all the support you need to design and grow a sustainble scalable business. We were founded by Christina Hooper - A Business Design Consultant, and Melanie Branch - a Business Mindset Coach. Their unique approach makes sure you know what to do, and have the support you need to get out of your own way and do it.

Who is your ideal client?

We work with visionary entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey, from hidden experts seeking to make a name for themselves to impact experts looking to elevate their success. Whether you're starting a new business, explanding your services to include expert coaching/consulting, or looking to grow your existing business, we can help you unlock your full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

How do your services differ from traditional masterminds or online schools?

We don't just teach you tactics, we look at you and your business holistically. Our approach is designed to help you growth both. We want to combine strategy with mindset work to craft customized solutions that align with your unique goals and aspirations. We're not afraid to teach you how to dive deep into the roots of your business and design or redesign it so we're not just amplifying something that can't scale the right way — sustainably.

And we give you the tools and software you need to be able to take our advice and start scaling.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple! Click the button on this page to join The Academy and start your work on Phase 1. We'll walk you through everything you need to know and provide you with the tools, training, and support you need to succeed.

Can I join The Academy if I don't have a business yet?

Yes, you can. BUT a word of advice, we're designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who are are committed to achieving big things and transformation in their life. SO, if you don't have a business yet, but you're committed to starting and growing one, then The Academy could be the best place for you.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel any time you want. We're not interested in keeping you here if you're not ready to scale your business or we're a bad fit for what you need right now.

How long does it take to see results after I join?

While we encourage everyone to move at the pace that's right for them, our student success plan is designed to get results — on average — within the first 90 days of being a member. You should be starting to see an increase in revenue and start being happier in life overall within that time frame... with optimal results happening in the first 6 months. Some people choose to move slower, especially if they still have a day job or other commitments. Others hit the ground running and can see progress much faster.

Empowering Ambitious Entrepreneurs Through 5 Levels of Success

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