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It's time to embrace your neuro-spicy superpowers and build the business you were destined to run.

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Your whole life changes for the better - seriously.

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You will have 14 days to explore the academy and make sure it's a great fit for your needs before you pay anything.

  • Instant access to our virtual campus in Gather.Town for classes and co-working with other students.
  • All of our courses, templates, and assets we've created to help you.
  • A community of neuro-spicy teachers and students that understand how your brain works.

It's time to build the business you've been dreaming of...

Let's make running your business as much fun as playing a game with your favorite neuro-spicy besties and get you living in your dream world faster than you thought possible.

This Academy is for Neuro-Spicy Entrepreneurs that Are Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime...

you know you're made for bigger things, and you know you can do it on your own eventually - but you're real tired of always doing everything the hard way... you're in the right place.

It's time to start learning how to...

Priotize Your Comfort

We have sensory needs, and we're going to build businesses that don't require us to be uncomfortable to get respect and hit our goals.

Enjoy Your Bed Days

Our energy cycles shift (burnout is very very real) and our business will support our high and low-energy days without breaking.

Focus on What Matters

Our businesses should support our lives, not control them. We want freedom to enjoy our family, friends, and personal time.

Teachers That Will Help You Slay Dragons!

We're bringing the different pepper-brained mentors that you need to ensure your success - and yes, students can host sessions in our virtual campus as well!

Christina Hooper

Founder & Headmistress
Marketing + Business Modeling

Melanie Branch

2nd In Command

Mindset + Social Media Marketing

Victoria Caldwell

Team Building
+ Leverage

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted freedom and control over your life.

You deserve to have a safe space to ask "dumb questions" — to embrace your neuro-spicy superpowers and build a business that supports you.

You should be able to get guidance from people that can explain things without making you feel like you're "not getting it" — again... from people that think like you do.

The Academy of Neuro-Spicy Entrepreneurial Arts is made to help support you on your journey.


Can I cancel if I want to?

Absolutely! We have no desire to force you to participate or pay for something that you are not getting benefit from. You can cancel anytime, easily, using the link from your member dashboard.

What does neuro-spicy mean?

"Neuro-spicy" is just a fun way to refer to people who are neurodivergent, which means their brains are wired a little differently than what's considered "typical." This can include conditions like ADHD, ASD, and RAD, among others.

These differences can affect how someone thinks, learns, communicates, and experiences the world around them. But being neuro-spicy isn't a problem or a deficiency - it's just a unique and valuable way of being.

By embracing neuro-spiciness, we can better understand and appreciate the diversity among people and create a more inclusive and supportive society for everyone.

What is the focus of the academy?

Our focus is on helping neuro-spicy women take their startups to the next level and reach $1 million in revenue or more, while also creating a business that meets the unique needs of neuro-spicy individuals and allows them to live the lifestyle they desire.

Who will be participating in the academy?

This academy is INCLUSIVE. We won't tolerate discrimination, hatred, or bigotry in any form and will immediately eject anyone from the academy that sucks as a human being - based on our definition, not yours.

The group size will be small at first, as we are in the pre-launch phase. Members who join now will be grandfathered into a lower price and will have the opportunity to shape the direction of the academy.

What is the format of the group meetings?

Our group meetings will take place in a variety of formats to accommodate different needs and schedules. This includes instructor office hours, live instruction, and recorded courses.

We will also provide a Slack community and a virtual campus in to allow students to network with one another, access materials, and connect with instructors in a way that works for their learning style.

What's the expected level of participation from students?

We expect members to participate in the group to the best of their ability and to be their own best advocates. We encourage you to show up when you can, ask questions, and communicate with your instructors. While we are here to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey and provide support, it's important for you to be brave and take the initiative to walk your own path.

What resources will be provided to students?

We offer a 24/7/365 Slack community and a virtual campus for members to access resources and ask for help whenever they need it. Our neuro-spicy instructors also hold regular office hours and offer live classes to provide additional support.

Is this a mastermind, group coaching, kind of thing or a school?

Our neuro-spicy academy is a little different from a traditional mastermind or group coaching. While masterminds can be great for learning from your peers and getting different perspectives, it's also important to learn from experts who have the skills and experience to help you succeed. That's where our academy comes in - we have a team of experts who are invested in your success and will work with you to create a plan that works for you and help you follow it.

Group coaching is often designed to help you solve specific problems week by week. While we definitely offer some of that in our academy, we also understand that you need someone to help you create a bigger plan and stick to it.

That's why each academy student starts with a one-on-one planning session with Christina to help you map out your path. You also have access to our instructors one-on-one via office hours and direct messaging in Slack. to get additional guidance outside of the group sessions, live classes, and recorded trainings.

Support- Training - guidance

Build a Business You Love That Supports Your Neuro-Spicy Needs

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Mission: Motivation! Starting March 27, 2023

Every 2 weeks, we run a fun focused sprint to help our students master different fundamentals of success. In this mission, we will lead you on a 2-week adventure to tame your pepper brain and motivate yourself to do the things consistently without burning out. Join the Academy now to participate.