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If you're a bit quirky, decidedly different, and eager to achieve more for both yourself and others — then you'll want to keep reading.

If you like what you see and feel that our unique approach can help you find the freedom you're seeking, then we'll see you on campus!

But First, a Quick Heads-Up...

We're nothing like the communities, masterminds, or membership programs you might be used to — and that's intentional.

Our focus is on you: shaping your business to fit your unique needs, conquering mental obstacles, and crafting a support team tailored to you. We're here to help you build not just a quick profit, but a deep, enduring success.

Prepare to be pushed to think more creatively and delve deeper so that you can emerge stronger. We challenge you and support you in crafting a life that’s both fun and fulfilling, using your business to fuel your passions and achieve satisfaction.

ADHDers are 300% More Likely to Start a Business

but we're also more likely to be one of the 90% that fail within 10 years

We make building successful businesses simple for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. You can grow faster, easier, and bigger than you (probably) imagine possible with confidence and WITHOUT burnout and overwhelm.

We're on a mission to revolutionize the entrepreneurial experience for ADHDers

We're here to change the game for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. It's about understanding deeply, unlocking potential, and building businesses that aren't just successful but fulfilling and sustainable.

Together, we're creating a space where differences are strengths, where every challenge is a chance to innovate, and where everyone gets to live their best life through the journey of entrepreneurship.

Before The Academy

Have an Idea

Launch It

Panic & Struggle

Get Overwhelmed

Work Too Much



After The Academy

Have an Idea

Vet the Idea With Our Frameworks

Calmly Set Realistic Timelines

Consistent Momentum

Self Care to Refuel

Launch It

Review, Improve, Repeat

Progress Not Perfection

It might seem like a bro-marketer style brag to say that every student we have makes progress... but it's true.

One of the first things we teach you is that's not about hustling harder, working more, and pushing yourself past your limits to succeed. That might work for some neurotypes, but it doesn't work if you have ADHD, Autism, OCD, or other acronyms.

We only make progress when we work WITH our brains instead of fighting them.

We only make progress when we understand our limits — physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We only make progress when our businesses are designed with OUR NEEDS & GOALS in mind.

Our mentors understand this and guide you towards your version of success, not theirs.

Maybe you dream to be a well-known expert in your field. Or maybe you want to retire early to your mountain or beach retreat and relax. Or maybe something in between. Your goals determine your path.

We just help make walking your path faster, easier, and more successful.

Join Our Weekly Live Show

Our dynamic founders host a live show every week where you can ask questions and get advice from all 3 of them at the same time.

Bring your Business, Mindset, and Staffing questions and unblock your success.

Just had a (paid) call with a new client — she’s level one of my avatar — and the call was so chaotic (to me anyway) and I felt like I really sucked (hello imposter syndrome), but then she said ‘oh my god where have you been all my life’ and was so excited to work together and said this was the most helpful thing she’s had in a while.

I was like whatttttt!? I’m writing this in my journal of wins!

Jade was struggling to balance client's needs with her own — after joining, she went through a BIG level-up with her mindset and her business.

I’m working on the Content Ecosystem Map we were talking about last night… it is SO much better for me to see it this way… at least right now.

I’m working with ChatGPT and it is actually fun work and gets me excited. Thanks so much for this… my brain gets it!!!!

Gwen was balancing a LOT in her life and day job while trying to launch her business and build a legacy for her family — and we were happy to help!

More Freedom... More Impact... More Income!

We want you to build your business confidently and sustainably.

No burnout. No overwhelm. No exhaustion.

Our frameworks and mentors help guide you from startup to exit and every step in the middle.

Seriously... there's nothing else out there like us.

We're a combination of highly-specialized mentors on a mission to help improve the entrepreneurial experience for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. We don't wait until we've "made it" to have fun. Fun is necessary for us to succeed.

So what are you waiting for?

Trust your intuition and if your gut is saying "DO IT" and your bank account can support that decision without causing you financial hardship, then...

Here's what's waiting for you inside The Neuro-Spicy Academy

A Community of Misfit Entreprenuers

We know that most people talk about how awesome their community is, but if you're neurodivergent (ADHD, Autism, OCD, etc)... then community is not just nice, it's necessary.

The things our students share in Slack or on our virtual campus change lives — literally.

From tricks to help you slow down your brain and get a good night's sleep, to communiciation strategies that can land good clients, improve your relationships with your family and friends, and so much more.

There's truly nothing like having access to people with brains that work like yours that are on the same journey to success that you are. The tips, strategies, and understanding that you get can mean the difference between momentum and struggle.

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A Virtual Campus to Connect Easier

Our virtual campus is sort of like business meets gaming. You design an avatar to represent you on campus and you can walk around, meet up with other students, come to workshops and other events hosted by our mentors, or even host your own events with students.

As you walk around, you can interact with other students via your camera and/or microphone. This unique experience helps our students in a variety of ways.

Just like a physical school, there's a lot of benefits to being about to meet up with your fellow students and do your homework together. And some students have found that simply coming to campus and sitting in a solo-work space helps put their mind in "work mode" so they've built routines where they come to campus just to help improve their own focus.

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Expert Mentors to Guide You

Most memberships are either ran by a single guru or a mashup of random experts. In our experience, the members struggle in both styles. With a single guru, they either know a little about a lot of things or went deep learning one thing very well — which means there are gaps in what they can help with. Or you have a bunch or random experts without any sort of structure to what you need and when.

We want to guide you, not throw you to the wolves with a bunch of disconnected strategies that you have to puzzle back together yourself.

The Academy is designed with a roadmap course for each grade level to guide you through the foundations and then we support that journey with more deep dives, expert-led sessions, and access to mentors when you have questions or feel stuck. We're here to help or guide you in through any problems so you can reach your goals faster, easier, and more successfully than you could on your own.

Business Design, Mindset, People Systems, Websites, Social Media, Email Marketing, Product Development, List-Building, Team-Building, Financial Guidance, Sales Strategies, and so much more.

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ADHD-Friendly Courses

We know that neurodivergent brains work different. Our courses are designed to be friendly to every learning style and neurotype. We combine written instruction with videos, audio, and workbooks.

The Academy has a Level-Up Quest for each grade level — strategically designed to meet you where you are now and guide you to that next level faster, easier, and more successfully. This gives you a single place to start so you can make progress quickly.

Then we pair those Level-Up Quests with Deep Dive Missions and Side Quests to guide you on specific things that you need or want to do in your business. This combination of instruction helps you plan strategically and act quickly to implement what you need.

For example, one of the things we do to make our courses more accessible is including written lessons, videos with captions, and we follow a learn > plan > act approach to help you understand, strategize, and implement everything you're learning.

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Tools & Templates to Help You Work Faster

We know most of the predictable potholes that entrepreneurs encounter... which means we also know most of the things every entrepreneur has to do. From social posts to blog articles to websites, SOPs, media kits, and so much more.

We have an ever-growing library of tools and templates that will help you do more faster, easier, and more successfully. Need something we don't have (yet)... just let us know. We take requests 😉

For example, we have Canva templates to help you design graphics for your social media and blog templates that include instructions for using AI to provide optimized articles for your blog.

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We Have Partnerships with Experts & Tech Providers

We have so many resources at The Academy to help you, but sometimes what you need is the right tech tool or an expert you can trust to help get something done that you can't or don't want to do yourself.

That's why we've partnered with other tool providers, experts, and mentors that you can trust to help you get those things done. Our goal is to make sure you always have the people and resources you need every step of the way.

For example, we've partnered with Sparkitive (owned by one of our mentors) to provide software that you can use to run almost everything in your business and done-for-you project management to get things done for you as you grow your business.

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Wins for this week thanks to The Academy… a client extended their contract for 2 months, launched my Full Focus February that offers accountability along with productivity training, and meeting with someone TODAY about a possible partnership!!

Kristina was doing so many things right in her business, and with a little bit of guidance, she started making BIG leaps forward in her business fast!

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Have questions? We have answers!

How much time does it take to complete the program?

You can go through the courses as fast or slow as you want to. Your path might be fast, but you also be moving slower for a variety of reasons including personal challenges, demands on your time, where you're at in your business, etc.

The Academy is designed to support you as you level up from launching a new business all the way through to your first exits and beyond. To us, support is about much more than tools and resources... it's access to mentors, community, live sessions, and help throughout your journey. You can stay for years, or power through the courses, do the work, and celebrate your graduation whenever you feel that you're ready to move on.

I don't know if I want a "big" business — will this help me?

Yes. We're teaching you to build your business realm around you and what you want. This means that we're guiding to the destination that you desire for yourself, not trying to shove a business model on you that you don't want.

We have students with dreams of early retirement, raising chickens, and relaxing in the mountains. Other students dream of owning multiple businesses, investing in real estate, and becoming globally-recognized authorities in their world.

And some start with small dreams, but as they progress through our trainings and talk to our mentors, they realize they have potential to do some big, amazing things, and they see a path for the first time to do it.

I'm a coach, consultant, agency, ecommerce biz, or specialist — will this help me?

Yes. Most of our students actually do all of these on some level.

Coaches write books, create merch, and launch worksheets that are sold on ecommerce platforms like estores.

Ecommerce businesses often start to add some coaching/consulting services as the entrepreneurs start to exit their stores and do more public speaking, mentoring, etc.

Agencies that are doing mostly done-for-you services start adding consulting services to sell strategy as a separate services.

For most people, this diversification is how they achieve true financial and time freedom through multiple revenue streams. We're teaching you how to design businesses around yourself and your needs using strategies that work for (almost) any business.

I don't have a business yet — should I wait before I join?

Honestly, that's up to you and we think it depends on your timeline to launch your business. If you decided to join, Tier 1 is designed to support you through your launch.

If you think you might want a business vs working a job, then it might not be a good time (yet) to join. You can do some research, come to our weekly live show and ask questions, sign up for our email newsletter and come to our free events, and decide if you want to have a business.

If you know that you want a business, but haven't launched yet, then we would recommend jumping on into The Academy and letting us guide you on building it. We cover all the basics you need to build a solid business launch plan for a scalable and sustainable and successful business.

I have a business partner or 2nd in command — can they join too?

Yes, and we actually recommend that they join with you.

You're doing a lot in your business, and you want to save time and mental energy anywhere you can. If they join and go through things with you, then you won't have to re-teach them everything and you have someone that you can brainstorm with, go through lessons with, and implement things together... and that's awesome!!

Reply to your purchase confirmation email to discuss your options for adding additional students from your team.

What happens if I want to cancel after I join?

Simple. You cancel.

We don't want you to stay if you aren't getting something helpful from being here.

We don't want you to stay if being here will create significant hardship for you financially, emotionally, or mentally.

We don't want you to stay if don't want to.

But we'll be here to support you again if that changes and you want to come back.

What's your refund policy?

We don't offer refunds... and here's why:

We have a very generous cancellation policy and payment plan. You can make monthly or even weekly payments and cancel anytime you want. You'll have access until the end of the period you paid for... so the rest of the week or month depending on your payment choice.

Plus, once you get access to The Academy, there's no way for you to unsee everything you get access to or to take back the resources, templates, and tools you downloaded. You'll have it all right away as soon as you join.

If you're not 100% confident that this is what you need to help you grow, then don't invest in it. If you don't think you'll have the time to spend on yourself and your business, then don't invest in it.

We're not here to hard-pitch you bro-marketer style into buying something you don't need. We want you to take the time to decide and research what works best for you. And if you're not sure, ask. Just send an email and let us know what you're doing, what you're worried about, and we'll help you make sure it's a good fit before you invest.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Nobody can guarantee that you'll succeed with anything. But, we can guarantee that you've never tried anything like us before. If you're willing to do the work, you'll have the support you need to break through any problems you encounter along the way.

We've intentionally designed The Academy to support you as a whole human.

We have all the things to support you in the physical realm... templates, courses, resources, mentors, checklists, partners, and more.

We have all the things to support you mentally... mindset exercises, mentorship, partners, bite-sized instruction that's easy to follow and designed for your neurotype and learning style, and more.

And we have all the things to support you emotionally... community, energy-management, mentors, partners, body-double sessions, and more.

Have a question you don't see answered here?

Contact us at admin@neurospicyacademy.com

Are You Fed Up with the Endless Chase of 'The Next Big Thing'?

If you're not sure if The Academy is right for you, then take us for a test drive.
Dive into a journey of true transformation with us. Join the No More Shiny Objects Workshop today, and let's turn your brightest visions into your everyday reality.

It's time to shine with purpose and passion and have focus you've never experienced before.

I’m celebrating a partnership with Doctors for Providers! We had a meeting today and it went amazingly well. Now we have a VERY lucrative partnership. My new partner will be adding me to their resource page, my services will be offered on every discovery call, and they will do a social media blast announcing our partnership.

What’s best of all is they don’t have anyone like me, no other marketing company 🎉The cherry on top… they work with franchises!

💗 This wouldn’t have been possible without the resources and guidance I got from the mentors at The Academy.

Yari was awesomely dedicated, but also a bit directionless. She knew what she wanted, but not how to get there. Now she's confidently negotiating partnerships with people that can put her in front of her ideal clients!

We're On a Mission to Revolutize the Entrepreneurial Experience

We're here to change the game for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. It's about understanding deeply, unlocking potential, and building businesses that aren't just successful but fulfilling.

Together, we're creating a space where differences are strengths, where every challenge is a chance to innovate, and where everyone gets to live their best life through the journey of entrepreneurship.

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